Pears Halves in Light Syrup 14/16º brix 850 ml Easy Open Tin 19,992 Cans View larger

Pears Halves in Light Syrup 14/16º brix 850 ml Easy Open Tin 19,992 Cans


New product

1.- Quantity: 19,992 cans, in total 1,666 trays of 12/850 ml.

2.- Deliveries: October 2019 to September 2020.

3.- Date limit reception offers: August 30, 2019.

4.- Buyer: Supermarket chain.

5.- Label: Buyer's brand 

6.- Packaging: Anonymous shrink-wrapped tray with 12 cans with DUN-14 stuck on the tray.

7.- Payment method: Promissory note 30 days invoice date.

8.- Rebates: 2.6% discount on invoice.

9.- Delivery terms: Minimum 10 pallets DDP deposit Madrid.

10.- The buyer prefers to close with the same supplier the following demands of these other products, which will be activated in their corresponding campaign. The amounts are estimated from previous campaigns:

D19102009MIMEAL850FASP002 - PEACH 850 ML 250,008 CANS

D19102009MIMEAL425FASP002 - PEACH 425 ML 60,000 CANS


Click on each reference of the demands indicated in point 10 to access them, we remind you that the customer will make mixed loads with complete pallets of the same product with a minimum of 10 pallets per delivery/load in Madrid.

The amounts indicated do not have to be the total demand for the brand, and may be higher. In the questionnaire to make your offer you can indicate if you want to bid for the total, as well as any other issue related to this demand. A commercial will contact you.

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Information of manufacturer

dsp002 Spanish Buyer

Data sheet

Container Easy Open Tin
Incoterm DDP
Liquid Light Syrup 14/16º Brix
Format ml 850 ml
Net Weight 840g
Popular Description of the Format 1 Kg
Drained Weight 480g
Label/Brand Buyer Label/Your Brand